FAQ BraveryCord app

Beads information

When you see a spiral or a timeline, you can tap on one of the beads. This way, you go to the bead information screen.

In this screen, you can see the amount of beads you have collected on your cord. You can also change or make a note about a bead or remove a bead from the cord. It’s also possible to share one single bead with someone else.

How do you remove a bead?

If you have added the wrong bead by accident, or if the order of the beads is not right, you can remove a bead from your cord.

You tap on the concerning bead in the spiral or timeline screen. You now go to the bead information screen. In this screen, you can remove a bead by tapping on the "Remove bead" button.

How can I add a forgotten bead to my cord?

Go to the screen where you can add a bead to your cord. Here, you can tap on the "arrow up" and "arrow down" buttons left and right of the date, directly under the text "When did I receive this bead?". If you use an iPhone, you can use the arrow keys to go to the last or next week. On your iPad, you can go to the last or next week or month. The cord you see at the bottom of the screen will be adjusted automatically.

The blue arrow at the bottom of the screen shows you where the bead will be added to your cord.

Two beads are in the wrong order. How do I adjust this?

There are two ways to solve this problem. If the beads have the same date, you can move a bead to the left or right in the bead information screen:

If the beads have different dates, you can move a bead to a different date in the bead information screen.

Sharing the BraveryCord

There are two ways to share your BraveryCord with others. You can share the BraveryCord as an image, or you can share a bead with someone else. You can do this by means of the following icon:

To open the BraveryCord on another device, you tap on the following icon:

You select the option Send BraveryCord and then tap Mail. The BraveryCord becomes an attachment in an email and you can send the email to the person you want to share your cord with.

When you open this email on another device, you can open your BraveryCord. Select the email, select the attachment and choose the BraveryCord app in the menu that appears in your screen. The BraveryCord app will now be opened.

Depending on whether or not you already have an existing BraveryCord and depending on the amount of beads on your cord, you first have to confirm that you really want to open the BraveryCord on this device and that you want to replace any other BraveryCord you ever opened on that device.

Keeping track of the beads you haven’t received yet in the BraveryCord app

It might occur that you have already earned beads, which you have not received yet. The app helps you to keep track of the beads you haven’t received yet. First, check the timeline and see which bead you still need to receive. Then, select the following:

You can now indicate which bead you are still missing. The beads that have been added to your cord in the app already will now have a lighter colour:

BraveryCord to another or new phone or tablet

If you want to use the BraveryCord on another phone or tablet, read this document.

Any other questions about the BraveryCord app?

Do you have another question about the BraveryCord app? Please use the contact form available on the website of Momentous Apps (www.momentousapps.com/contact/)


This page was last updated on November 16, 2022.